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A networking stack.


  • The device layer.
  • Device socket API.
  • Custom error types for the netstack.
  • Framework for packet filtering.
  • Methods for dealing with ICMP sockets.
  • Facilities for inspecting stack state for debugging.
  • The Internet Protocol, versions 4 and 6.
  • Types and utilities for dealing with neighbors.
  • Types and utilities for dealing with routes.
  • Common types for dealing with sockets.
  • Useful synchronization primitives.
  • Methods for dealing with TCP sockets.
  • Testing-related utilities.
  • Miscellaneous and common types.
  • Methods for dealing with UDP sockets.


  • Evaluates the expression for the given device_id, regardless of its variant.


  • The single entry point for function calls into netstack3 core.
  • The state associated with the network stack.
  • The identifier for any timer event.


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