• A Device represents a unique physical camera present in the system. Only one client may connect to an unbound physical camera, however the “Rebind” method can be used to create multiple connections to it to be used by a coordinated set of clients.
  • The DeviceWatcher provides clients a mechanism to discover camera devices present on the system. This is a temporary mechanism intended to be replaced by go/drivers-as-components, which will allow multiple instances of the same protocol to exist side-by-side. Clients are not required to maintain a connection to the Watcher in order to use established Camera connections.
  • Describes the intended orientation of a given stream relative to its encoded data. For clarity, the documentation for each enum value is accompanied by an orientation of the chiral ‘⮬’ symbol illustrating the orientation of the stream’s encoded data.
  • A Stream represents timing, sequencing, and other camera-specific properties applied to a buffer collection.



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