• Allocates system memory buffers.
  • BufferCollection is a connection directly from a participant to sysmem re. a logical BufferCollection; typically the logical BufferCollection is shared with other participants. In other words, an instance of the BufferCollection interface is a view of a “logical buffer collection”.
  • The sysmem implementation is guaranteed to be consistent with a logical / conceptual model as follows:
  • A BufferCollectionToken is not a BufferCollection, but rather a way to identify a potential shared BufferCollection prior to the BufferCollection being allocated.
  • Inaccessible is only for cases where there is no CPU-based access to the buffers. A secure_required buffer can still have CoherencyDomain Cpu or Ram even if the secure_required buffer can only be accessed by the CPU when the CPU is running in secure mode (or similar). In contrast, device-local memory that isn’t reachable from the CPU is CoherencyDomain Inaccessible, even if it’s possible to cause a device (physical or virtual) to copy the data from the Inaccessible buffers to buffers that are visible to the CPU.
  • This list has a separate entry for each variant of a color space standard.
  • Once a channel with this interface is established to a driver (typically in advance), this interface allows asynchronously sending the server end of an Allocator channel which will be served by the driver.
  • Known heap types. Device specific types should have bit 60 set. Top order bit is reserved and should not be set.
  • The ordering of the channels in the format name reflects how the actual layout of the channel.
  • SecureMem



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