• A 6 degree of freedom (“6DOF”) pose describes a position and orientation in a 3D space.
  • A sample from a single sensor.
  • All the information to describe a specific sensor and its output.
  • Rate configuration given to Driver::ConfigureSensorRate and Manager::ConfigureSensorRate.
  • Uncalibrated samples from 3 axis sensors (eg. accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer) come with bias data for each axis.


  • All of the potential data types a SensorEvent may carry depending on the sensor type.
  • Describes a sensor’s reporting mode.
  • Labels for different types of sensors.
  • Describes a sensor’s wake-up behavior. A wake-up sensor will wake up the application processor when there is new data available. A non wake-up sensor will not.

Type Aliases§

  • Uniquely identifies a sensor in the sensor APIs.
  • A revision number for the part/driver combination. The value must be updated when the driver is updated in a way that changes the output of the sensor. This is important for fused sensors when the fusion algorithm is updated.