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Extensions for types in the fidl_fuchsia_net_dhcp crate.


  • Contains types used when testing the DHCP client.


  • An IPv4 address acquired by the DHCP client.
  • Configuration acquired by the DHCP client.


  • Domain errors for this crate.


  • The default subnet used as the destination while populating a fuchsia.net.routes.RouteV4 while applying newly-discovered routers.


  • Extension trait on fidl_fuchsia_net_dhcp::ClientProxy.
  • Extension trait on fidl_fuchsia_net_dhcp::ClientProviderProxy.


  • Applies a new set of routers to a given fuchsia.net.stack.Stack and set of configured routers by deleting forwarding entries for newly-absent routers and adding forwarding entries for newly-present ones.
  • Produces a stream of acquired DHCP configuration by executing the hanging get on the provided DHCP client proxy.
  • The default fnet_dhcp::NewClientParams.
  • Produces a stream that merges together the configuration hanging get and the fnet_dhcp::ClientEvent::OnExit terminal event. The client will be shut down when shutdown_future completes.