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fidl_fuchsia_update_installer_ext contains wrapper types around the auto-generated fidl_fuchsia_update_installer bindings.


pub use state::FailFetchData;
pub use state::FailStageData;
pub use state::FetchFailureReason;
pub use state::PrepareFailureReason;
pub use state::Progress;
pub use state::StageFailureReason;
pub use state::State;
pub use state::StateId;
pub use state::UpdateInfo;
pub use state::UpdateInfoAndProgress;
pub use options::Initiator;
pub use options::Options;


Wrapper types for the Options table.
Wrapper types for the State union.


An update attempt.
A monitor of an update attempt.


Describes the errors encountered by the UpdateAttempt’s monitor stream.
Describes the errors encountered by UpdateAttempt.


Monitors the running update attempt given by attempt_id, or any running update attempt if no attempt_id is provided.
Checks if an update can be started and returns the UpdateAttempt containing the attempt_id and MonitorRequestStream to the client.