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Main Overnet functionality.


  • Wrapper to get the right list_peers behavior.
  • A type that can be converted into a super::Peer
  • Labels a node with a mesh-unique address
  • Generates node id’s for tests in a repeatable fashion.
  • Labels a link with a node-unique identifier
  • Router maintains global state for one node_id. LinkData is a token identifying a link for layers above Router. Time is a representation of time for the Router, to assist injecting different platforms schemes.


  • Whether this node’s ascendd clients should be routed to each other
  • Identifies whether an endpoint is a client or server


  • Decode some bytes into a FIDL type
  • Encode a FIDL type into some bytes
  • Takes a future that returns an error, and transforms it to a future that logs said error
  • Sets a global callback to call every time a proxy is dropped. It’s given a reference to the error and can be used to send metrics events.