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Crate wlan-common hosts common libraries to be used for WLAN SME, MLME, and binaries written in Rust.


pub use time::TimeUnit;


This module tries to check the iface device’s capabilities against the BSS it is instructed to join. The capabilities will be tailored based on the band. Next, rates will be joined with the AP and HT Capabilities and VHT Capabilities may be modified based on the user-overridable join channel and bandwidth. If successful, the capabilities will be extracted and saved.
Wireless network security descriptors and authenticators.
Data isolation.


Macro to assert a value matches a variant. This macro is particularly useful when partially matching a variant.
Asserts the value at a particular index of an expression evaluating to a type implementing the Index trait. This macro is effectively a thin wrapper around assert_variant that will pretty-print the entire indexable value if the assertion fails.