Identifier for antenna.
Histogram bucket.
Histogram for noise floor samples.
Histogram for received signal strength indicator (RSSI).
Histogram for received data rate.
Histogram for signal to noise ratio (SNR).


Antenna frequency.
The scope of the histogram, e.g. if the histogram contains data for the entire station, or has data for just a single antenna.


For each histogram type (e.g. RSSI), there can be multiple histograms up to this limit. For example, an interface might have 1 histogram for station-wide RSSI, but also 1 for each of the antennas used by the interface.
All histograms have a fixed number of buckets. To save space, each histogram type uses a vector to hold only non-empty buckets (a sparse histogram), with these constants as the max size of each vector. Noise floor values range from -255 to -1 dBm.
RSSI values range from -255 to -1 dBm.
Size of RxRateIndexHistogram lookup table (see comments in RxRateIndexHistogram).
SNR values range from 0 to 255 dB.