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The PCG random number generators.

This is a native Rust implementation of a small selection of PCG generators. The primary goal of this crate is simple, minimal, well-tested code; in other words it is explicitly not a goal to re-implement all of PCG.

This crate provides:

  • Pcg32 aka Lcg64Xsh32, officially known as pcg32, a general purpose RNG. This is a good choice on both 32-bit and 64-bit CPUs (for 32-bit output).
  • Pcg64Mcg aka Mcg128Xsl64, officially known as mcg_xsl_rr_128_64, a general purpose RNG using 128-bit multiplications. This has poor performance on 32-bit CPUs but is a good choice on 64-bit CPUs for both 32-bit and 64-bit output. (Note: this RNG is only available using Rust 1.26 or later.)

Both of these use 16 bytes of state and 128-bit seeds, and are considered value-stable (i.e. any change affecting the output given a fixed seed would be considered a breaking change to the crate).


  • A PCG random number generator (XSH RR 64/32 (LCG) variant).
  • A PCG random number generator (XSL 128/64 (MCG) variant).

Type Aliases§

  • Lcg64Xsh32 is also officially known as pcg32.
  • A friendly name for Mcg128Xsl64.