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Fuchsia Audio Device Library

Provides a method to create audio devices that are backed by software in Fuchsia.

SoftStreamConfig creates a StreamConfig client that is suitable for adding to [[fuchsia.media.AudioDeviceEnumerator]] via AddDeviceByChannel or [[fuchsia.audio.device.Provider]] via AddDevice. It produces either an AudioFrameStream (for output audio) or an AudioFrameSink (for input audio)

SoftCodec creates a Codec client suitable for adding to [[fuchsia.audio.device.Provider]] via AddCodec. It provides a CodecDevice to capture and respond to control events from Media, and shutdown the Codec (retrieving a new Codec client which can be used to re-add the Codec)




  • The Error type of the fuchsia-audio-device

Type Aliases§

  • Result type alias for brevity.