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Extensions for the fuchsia.net.routes FIDL library.

The fuchsia.net.routes API has separate V4 and V6 watcher variants to enforce maximum type safety and access control at the API layer. For the most part, these APIs are a mirror image of one another. This library provides an a single implementation that is generic over net_types::ip::Ip version, as well as conversion utilities.


  • Extensions for fuchsia.net.routes.admin.
  • Test Utilities for the fuchsia.net.routes FIDL library.





  • Collects all existing events from the stream, stopping once the idle event is observed.
  • Connects to the watcher protocol and converts the Hanging-Get style API into an Event stream.
  • Dispatches either GetWatcherV4 or GetWatcherV6 on the state proxy.
  • Wait for a condition on routing state to be satisfied.
  • Calls Watch() on the provided WatcherV4 or WatcherV6 proxy.