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This library is intended for contributions to the inspect library from clients. These are patterns that clients identify in their usage of inspect that they can generalize and share. It’s intended to be at a higher level than fuchsia-inspect. Some of the APIs in this library might be promoted to the core library sometime in the future.


Provides utilities on top of regular inspect properties to enable convenient features such as:
Provides convenience macros for writing to an inspect bounded list (bounded log)
Utilities and wrappers providing higher level functionality for Inspect Nodes and properties.


Macro to insert items using a Node. Each value must be a type that implements WriteInspect.
Macro to log a new entry to a bounded list node with the specified key-value pairs. Each value must be a type that implements WriteInspect. This macro automatically injects a timestamp to each entry.
Convenience macro to construct a closure that implements WriteInspect, so it can be used in inspect_log! and inspect_insert!.