Pattern that matches an unknown Data member.


A specification for an injector |Device|.
A Stream of incoming requests for Device
A description of each sampled data point for a pointer device.
A Stream of incoming requests for Registry
A rectangular region that directs injected events into a target.


The region from which injection is attempted for injected events. As the context, it serves two purposes: (1) Scoping. It confirms the |Device|’s authority to inject pointer events on the specified target. Specifically, the context must be a view-tree ancestor of the target. (2) Coordinate System. It provides the reference coordinate system to define the viewport’s position and size, relative to the target.
A selection of FIFO data sent over the channel. Each data may have a different issuance policy.
The channel for injecting pointer events into a target. The associated |Config| applies to injected pointer events.
A characterization of a device that issues pointer event streams.
A specification of the UI clients that may have injected events dispatched to them in an |Target|. One is specified in |Config|.
The possible states of a pointer event stream’s state machine.
A coordination mechanism to clearly define the injecting of pointer events into the scene (injection policy, injection context, etc), for dispatching pointer events to UI clients (referenced by |fuchsia.ui.views.ViewRef|).
The region in which dispatch is attempted for injected events. The particular dispatch policy is specified in |Config|.