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§Commonly used functionality adapters.

At the moment, this crate contains the declaration of various errors


  • There is a slew of near-identical method calls which differ in the type of the input argument and the name of the function to invoke.
  • Expands into a getter method that forwards all its arguments and returns a fallible value which is the same as the value returned by the underlying function.
  • Expands into a setter methods that forwards all its arguments between []’s and returns a Result<(), common::Error>.
  • type_name is the type to implement drop for. impl_function_name is the name of the function that implements memory deallocation. It is assumed that the type has an internal representation wrapped in a std::ptr::NonNull.


  • Used to simulate an array of C-style strings.


  • Represents a Unicode error, resulting from operations of low-level ICU libraries.


  • A zero-value parse error, used to initialize types that get passed into FFI code.