Validates that an output’s data exactly matches an expected hash, including oob_bytes
Validates that an output’s format matches expected
Validates that the output contains the expected number of bytes.
An output packet from the stream.
Validates that the output contains the expected number of packets.
Validates that the RMSE of output data and the expected data falls within an acceptable range.
Runs elementary streams through a stream processor.
Validates that a stream terminates with Eos.
A test cases describes a sequence of elementary stream chunks that should be fed into a codec server, and a set of validators to check the output. To pass, all validations must pass for all output from the stream.
A test spec describes all the cases that will run and the circumstances in which they will run.
Wraps an elementary stream and adds sequential dummy timestamps to its chunks.


A case relation describes the temporal relationship between two test cases.
The pattern to use when advancing ordinals.
Output represents any output from a stream we might want to validate programmatically.
Missing fields in StreamOutputFormat.
Errors validating StreamOutputFormat.



Checks all output packets, which are provided to the validator in the order in which they were received from the stream processor.


Returns all the packets in the output with preserved order.

Type Definitions