• Outer protocol for interacting with the different diagnostics data sources.
  • Conceptually, a directory iterator, where each element in the iterator is a single complete file that can be concatenated with other results.
  • Enum used to specify the output format for Reader results.
  • A fidl union containing a complete hierarchy of structured diagnostics data, such that the content can be parsed into a file by itself.
  • This protocol allows clients to modify the logging behavior of components in the system.
  • Enum describing the potential failure states of the streaming protocol when serving results to the client over the result iterator.
  • Argument used for Archive selectors, can be either the pre-parsed fidl struct or string representation.
  • The severity of a given record.
  • Enum specifying the modes by which a user can connect to and stream diagnostics metrics.
  • StringSelector is an union defining different ways to describe a pattern to match strings against.
  • TreeSelector represents a selection request on a hierarchy of named nodes, with named properties on those nodes.



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