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  • A future that polls for the response to a command we sent.
  • The type of the codec in the MediaCodec Service Capability Valid values are defined in the Bluetooth Assigned Numbers and are interpreted differently for different Media Types, so we do not interpret them here. Associated constants are provided that specify the value of MediaCodecType for different codecs given the MediaType::Audio. See
  • Represents a media transport stream. If a sink, produces the bytes that have been delivered from the peer. If a source, can send bytes using send
  • An AVDTP signaling peer can send commands to another peer, receive requests and send responses. Media transport is not handled by this peer.
  • Errors that can be returned by the remote peer in response to a message
  • A stream of requests from the remote peer.
  • RTP Packet header as described in Section 5.1
  • An AVDTP StreamEndpoint. StreamEndpoints represent a particular capability of the application to be a source of sink of media. Included here to aid negotiating the stream connection. See Section 5.3 of the AVDTP 1.3 Specification for more information about the Stream Endpoint Architecture.
  • A Stream Endpoint Identifier, aka SEID, INT SEID, ACP SEID - Sec 8.20.1 Valid values are 0x01 - 0x3E
  • All information related to a stream. Part of the Discovery Response. See Sec 8.6.2


  • The type of content protection used in the Content Protection Service Capability. Defined in the Bluetooth Assigned Numbers
  • Type of endpoint (source or sync) Part of the StreamInformation in Discovery Response. See Section 8.20.3
  • The error type of the AVDTP library.
  • Error Codes that can be returned as part of a reject message. See Section 8.20.6
  • Type of media USed to specify the type of media on a stream endpoint. Part of the StreamInformation in Discovery Response. Defined in the Bluetooth Assigned Numbers
  • A request from the connected peer. Each variant of this includes a responder which implements two functions:
  • The error types for rtp header parsing.
  • Service Capabilities indicate possible services that can be provided by each stream endpoint. See AVDTP Spec section 8.21.
  • Indicates the signaling command on a command packet. The same identifier is used on the response to that command packet. See Section 8.4.4
  • The state of a StreamEndpoint.

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