Directory entries should support opening with any combination of read/write/execute rights.
Adds an executable file that supports opening as readable + executable. The file has a non-zero size, but the contents are otherwise unspecified.
File object which supports reading, and if mutable_file is true, also supports writing.
Conformance test harnesses will implement this protocol to setup its associated filesystem servers with the described directory layout, allowing their implementation of and fuchsia.io2 protocols to be verified by a common test suite.
A Stream of incoming requests for Io1Harness
A Stream of incoming requests for Io2Harness
Remote directory which forwards FIDL requests from the server to the specified directory.
Vmo-backed file object which supports opening as readable + writable.


Stub harness api for the io2.fidl protocol. TODO( Add separate io2 test harness api once we come up with a good enough set of functions that we have enough flexibility to create variable directory structures to with explicit permission settings for tests.