Pattern that matches an unknown DataTransfer member.


A Stream of incoming requests for Device
data_transfer is mandatory, and specifies whether this transaction has a read or a write transfer (see above). stop is optional, and specifies whether this transaction is terminated by a stop condition (if true) or by a repeated-start (if false or unspecified). If this transaction is the last in the list then a stop condition is generated regardless of the value of stop.


If read_size is set: This is a read transfer, and read_size bytes will be read from the target. If write_data is set: This is a write transfer, and write_data will be written to the target.
A request for one of the member protocols of Service.


The maximum number of transactions that can be specified in a call to Transfer.
Maximum length of the I2C Channel name.
Clients should be aware of the max channel message size when using large transfers or many transactions. It is possible to generate a message that uses values less than the limits below but is still too big for the channel.


Type Definitions