Pattern that matches an unknown CallState member.


A Stream of incoming requests for CallManager
A Stream of incoming requests for Call
A Stream of incoming requests for HeadsetGain
A Stream of incoming requests for Hfp
Network information for the Audio Gateway. Typically this represents information regarding the state of connectivity to a telephony network.
Information for the next call reported by a Peer Handler.
A Stream of incoming requests for PeerHandler
Represents the action of redialing the last dialed number.
Represents the action of transferring an active call to the Headset.


A command from the HF with a value representing what number to dial.
The direction of call initiation.
Controls the lifecycle of a call that has been routed through a headset.
Represents the valid states of a call.
Dual-tone multi-frequency signaling codes.
Control Headset Speaker and Microphone gain and receive reports of current values as specified in HFP v1.8, Section 4.29. This protocol is served by the Hfp service.
The Call Manager will serve a call handler protocol for each connected headset that it chooses to manage calls through.
Represents the signal strength of a connection between the Audio Gateway and a network.



Type Definitions