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A crate to wait on a child process with a particular timeout.

This crate is an implementation for Unix and Windows of the ability to wait on a child process with a timeout specified. On Windows the implementation is fairly trivial as it’s just a call to WaitForSingleObject with a timeout argument, but on Unix the implementation is much more involved. The current implementation registers a SIGCHLD handler and initializes some global state. This handler also works within multi-threaded environments. If your application is otherwise handling SIGCHLD then bugs may arise.


use std::process::Command;
use wait_timeout::ChildExt;
use std::time::Duration;

let mut child = Command::new("foo").spawn().unwrap();

let one_sec = Duration::from_secs(1);
let status_code = match child.wait_timeout(one_sec).unwrap() {
    Some(status) => status.code(),
    None => {
        // child hasn't exited yet


  • Extension methods for the standard std::process::Child type.