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This crate provides utilities for the Fuchsia display-controller API.


Represents a suggested client composition action generated by the driver.
Strongly typed wrapper around a sysmem buffer collection ID.
Client abstraction for the fuchsia.hardware.display.Controller protocol. Instances can be safely cloned and passed across threads.
Represents an individual display configuration.
Strongly typed wrapper around a display ID.
Enhances the fuchsia.hardware.display.Info FIDL struct.
A zircon event that has been registered with the display driver.
Strongly typed wrapper around a display driver event ID.
Represents an allocated image buffer that can be assigned to a display layer.
Strongly typed wrapper around an image ID.
Input parameters for constructing an image.
Represents an individual layer configuration.
Strongly typed wrapper around a display layer ID.
A vsync event payload.


An error generated by fuchsia.hardware.display.Controller.CheckConfig.
Library error type.
LayerConfig is a variant type of the three distinct layer configuration types that are supported by the display driver: Primary, Cursor, and Color.
Pixel format definitions that are compatible with the display and GPU drivers’ internal image type representation. These are distinct from sysmem image formats and are intended to be compatible with the ZX_PIXEL_FORMAT_* C definitions that are declared in //zircon/system/public/zircon/pixelformat.h.

Type Definitions

Library Result type alias.