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Provides utilities for Netstack integration tests.


Useful constants for tests.
Utilities for interacting with devices during integration tests.
Provides utilities for using fuchsia.net.interfaces and fuchsia.net.interfaces.admin in Netstack integration tests.
Helpers for tests involving the Neighbor Discovery Protocol.
Packet parsing helpers.
Ping utilities.
Provides utilities for test realms.


The time to wait between two consecutive checks of an event.
Extra time to use when waiting for an async event to not occur.
Extra time to use when waiting for an async event to occur.


Gets an event matcher for component_moniker in realm.
Gets the moniker of a component in a test realm, relative to the root of the dynamic collection in which it is running.
Gets a component event stream yielding component stopped events.
Gets inspect data in realm.
Pauses the fake clock in the given realm.
Sets up a realm with a network with no required services.
Sets up a realm with required services and a network used for tests requiring manual packet inspection and transmission.
Asynchronously sleeps for specified secs seconds.
Returns true if the stream only yields true.
Returns true once the stream yields a true.
Like wait_for_component_stopped_with_stream but retrieves an event stream for the caller.
Waits for a stopped event to be emitted for a component in a test realm.

Type Definitions

An alias for Result<T, anyhow::Error>.