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UniCase provides a way of specifying strings that are case-insensitive.

UniCase supports full Unicode case folding. It can also utilize faster ASCII case comparisons, if both strings are ASCII.

Using the UniCase::new() constructor will check the string to see if it is all ASCII. When a UniCase is compared against another, if both are ASCII, it will use the faster comparison.

There also exists the Ascii type in this crate, which will always assume to use the ASCII case comparisons, if the encoding is already known.


use unicase::UniCase;

let a = UniCase::new("Maße");
let b = UniCase::new("MASSE");
let c = UniCase::new("mase");

assert_eq!(a, b);
assert!(b != c);


use unicase::Ascii;

let a = Ascii::new("foobar");
let b = Ascii::new("FoObAr");

assert_eq!(a, b);


  • Case Insensitive wrapper of Ascii strings.
  • Case Insensitive wrapper of strings.


  • Compare two string-like types for case-less equality, using unicode folding.
  • Compare two string-like types for case-less equality, ignoring ASCII case.