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Cryptography in Rust.

Mundane is a Rust cryptography library backed by BoringSSL that is difficult to misuse, ergonomic, and performant (in that order).


By default, Mundane provides only high-level cryptographic primitives. Unless you are implementing cryptographic protocols, these high-level primitives should be all you need. However, if you are sure that you need something lower level, Mundane provides features to enable a number of different low level primitives.

WARNING: Being low level, these primitives provide the programmer with more degrees of freedom. There are more conditions that the programmer must meet in order to guarantee security, and thus more ways for the programmer to shoot themself in the foot. Please only use these primitives if you’re aware of the risks and are comfortable with the responsibility of using them correctly!


kdfKey derivation functions
bytesLow-level operations on byte slices
rsa-pkcs1v15RSA-PKCS1v1.5 signatures

§Insecure Operations

Mundane supports one additional feature not listed in the previous section: insecure. This enables some cryptographic primitives which are today considered insecure. These should only be used for compatibility with legacy systems - never in new systems! When the insecure feature is used, an insecure module is added to the crate root. All insecure primitives are exposed through this module.


  • Byte manipulation.
  • Cryptographic hash functions.
  • Hash-based Message Authentication Codes (HMACs).
  • insecureDeprecated
  • Key Derivation Functions (KDFs).
  • Password verification.
  • Public key cryptography.


  • Errors generated by this crate.