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Extensions for the fuchsia.net.interfaces FIDL library.


  • Extensions for fuchsia.net.interfaces.admin.




  • A trait for types holding interface state that can be updated by change events.


  • Initialize a watcher with interest in all fields and return its events as a stream.
  • Read Existing interface events from stream, updating init until the Idle event is detected, returning the resulting state.
  • Returns true iff the supplied Properties (expected to be fully populated) appears to provide network connectivity, i.e. is not loopback, is online, and has a default route and a globally routable address for either IPv4 or IPv6. An IPv4 address is assumed to be globally routable if it’s not link-local. An IPv6 address is assumed to be globally routable if it has global scope.
  • Wraps event_stream and returns a stream which yields the reachability status as a bool (true iff there exists an interface with properties that satisfy is_globally_routable) whenever it changes. The first item the returned stream yields is the reachability status of the first interface discovered through an Added or Existing event on event_stream.
  • Returns a future which resolves when any network interface observed through event_stream has properties which satisfy is_globally_routable.
  • Wait for a condition on interface state to be satisfied.
  • Wait for a condition on a specific interface to be satisfied.