Parameters that specify how the overall test run should be executed.
A connector that produces a single proxy and instructs all suites to be executed using it.
Parameters that specify how a single test suite should be executed.


An enum of the different errors that may be encountered while running a test.
Sets the behavior of the overall run if a suite terminates with a timeout.
An error returned when test manager reports an unexpected event. This could occur if test manager violates guarantees about event ordering.


Implementing this trait allows configuring the number of suites to run on a single RunBuilder connection. This alleviates an issue where for n suites run on a single RunBuilder connection, n channels must be opened up front. This can cause some issues with resource limitations when a large number of tests is specified (see


Create a reporter for use with |run_tests_and_get_outcome|.
Runs tests specified in |test_params| and reports the results to |run_reporter|.