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Provides utilities for working with asynchronous code.



  • Exposes the OnceCell crate for use in async code.
  • Additional functionality for use with asynchronous channels (futures::channel::mpsc).
  • An event that can be signaled and waited on by multiple consumers.
  • Provides utilities to fold [Stream]s and [TryStream]s with a short-circuited result.
  • Provides utilities for working with futures.
  • The Hanging Get pattern can be used when pull-based flow control is needed on a protocol.
  • Helper to poll a mutex.
  • Additional Useful Stream Combinators and Utilities Streams always signal exhaustion with None return values. A stream epitaph can be used when a specific value is desired as the last item returned by a stream before it is exhausted.
  • Traits that are useful for working with async code, but do not fit into a more specific category. These are often extension traits for types that are not defined by async_utils.