Crate fuchsia_fuzzctl

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  • Combines the results of a long-running fuzzer workflow.
  • Represents a fuchsia.fuzzer.Controller connection to a fuzzer.
  • Compostion of SocketForwarders for standard output, standard errors, and system logs.
  • Represents a sequence of bytes, paired with a fuchsia.fuzzer.Input.
  • Represents an Input that can send or read data from an associated FidlInput.
  • Represents the FIDL connection from the ffx fuzz plugin to the fuzz-manager component on a target device.
  • Forwarder for a single output stream.
  • StdioSink sends output to standard output and standard error.
  • Writer handles formatting and delivering output from both the plugin and fuzzer.


  • OutputSinks takes output and writes it to some destination.


  • Returns the path under output_dir where a fuzzer could store artifacts.
  • Returns the path under output_dir where a fuzzer could store a corpus of the given |corpus_type|.
  • Creates a directory under the given parent directory, if it does not already exist.
  • This module exists to abstract away the differences between the dev host and target versions of fuchsia_async::Duration.
  • Generates the path for a file based on its contents.
  • Get the corresponding name for a fuchsia.fuzzer.Corpus enum.
  • Returns which type of corpus is represented by the fuchsia.fuzzer.Corpus enum.
  • Gets URLs for available fuzzers.
  • Reads fuzzer input data from a FidlArtifact and saves it locally.
  • Reads fuzzer input data from a FidlInput and saves it locally.