• Provides a method to create new DHCP clients.
  • Provides methods to watch for discovered network configurations and control the DHCP client discovering them.
  • The type of DHCP message. The DHCP protocol requires that all messages identify their type by including the MessageType option. These values are specified in
  • The code of a DHCP option to be retrieved by Server.GetOption(). The code values are from and the enum variants have been listed in the order they are presented in the RFC.
  • A indication of which DHCP message field should be used to store additional options.
  • A generic representation of client configuration parameters and DHCP settings. Options are the mechanism by which the DHCP protocol communicates configuration parameters from a repository on a DHCP server to DHCP clients, or by which DHCP clients and servers communicate data relevant to a DHCP transaction. All DHCP option values must have a length which can fit within a single byte, i.e. less than 256. Options for which there is no reasonable administrator-configurable value have been omitted from this xunion. The omitted options are:
  • The configurable server parameters.
  • The name of the Parameter to be retrieved by Server.GetParameter().
  • Provides methods for DHCP Server configuration.


  • The maximum possible number of DNS servers that can be included in an acquired DHCP configuration.
  • The maximum possible number of routers that can be included in an acquired DHCP configuration.


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