• Instruct the wlantap-ctl device to creates a fake wlantap-phy device based on the WlantapPhyConfig passed in. The newly created wlantap-phy device will use the channel to allow a WlantapPhy client to observe and control its behavior.
  • Allow the test program to observe and control the behavior of the wlantap-phy device. A wlantap-phy device is a special vendor device and its driver (Fuchsia being the vendor) used for testing purpose. Implements a subset of wlan_softmac_ifc_t and wlan_softmac_protocol_ops_t defined in fuchsia.wlan.softmac/softmac.fidl Implements a subset of WlanPhyImpl protocol defined in fuchsia.hardware.phyimpl/wlanphy-impl.fidl