A Stream of incoming requests for Bootstrap
A Stream of incoming requests for FactoryDataManager
A tuple of host and port to represent a connectable endpoint.
Current state of pairing/provisioning. At the point of a completely unprovisioned or factory reset device, all states will be false. Outside of an explicit ResetConfig call or factory reset, the provisioning states will only transition from false to true as Weave profiles are provisioned.
A Stream of incoming requests for PairingStateWatcher
A Stream of incoming requests for Provisioner
QR Code data for pairing.
ResetConfig flags.
A Stream of incoming requests for Signer
A Stream of incoming requests for StackProvider
A Stream of incoming requests for Stack
A Stream of incoming requests for SvcDirectoryWatcher
A Stream of incoming requests for WlanNetworkConfigProvider


Protocol to allow components to provide initial configuration data derived from an existing Weave implementation to ensure continuity of the Weave fabric and other Weave settings or configuration data.
This protocol is used to retrieve factory data that may be encrypted at rest.
Representation of a host either in the form of a hostname or IP address.
Watches for changes in pairing state in Weave. Retrieved from [fuchsia.weave/Stack.GetPairingStateWatcher].
This protocol is used for just-in-time provisioning operations.
This protocol is used for signing operations with the factory-provisioned Weave key or generated private keys.
Services Provided to WeaveStack by other components.
Calls and services available from WeaveStack. These calls are designed to wrap the Weave adaptation and provide information or capabilities to Weave applications or components that are interested in information that Weave exposes.
Watches for changes in Weave Service Directory entries for a particular endpoint ID. The endpoint ID is specified in, and this protocol retrieved from [fuchsia.weave/Stack.GetServiceDirectoryWatcher].
Component acting as WLAN network configuration provider for WeaveStack need to implement this.


The maximum number of HostPorts that Weave can return in a HostPortList, as weave indexes HostPortLists by a uint8.
The maximum size for a public key produced when generating a key pair.
The largest supported size of a QR code encoded in string format may be.
The maximum size of a signature supported by Weave.
Reset all device configuration information.


Type Definitions