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Helpers to ping an IPv4 or IPv6 address by sending ICMP echo requests and waiting for ICMP echo replies.

Functionality in this crate relies on ICMP sockets, a kind of socket where each payload read/written contains ICMP headers.

As a starting point, see new_unicast_sink_and_stream, which is built on top of the other facilities in the crate and models pinging as sending an ICMP echo request whenever a value is sent to the sink, and a stream which yields an item for every echo reply received.



  • Uninstantiable type representing IPv4.
  • Uninstantiable type representing IPv6.
  • Ping error.



  • Async ICMP socket.
  • Trait for IP protocol versions.
  • Extension trait on Ip for Fuchsia-specific functionality.
  • Addresses which can be converted from socket2::SockAddr.