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This module contains the FsInspect trait which filesystems can implement in order to expose Inspect metrics in a standardized hierarchy. Once FsInspect has been implemented, a filesystem can attach itself to a root node via FsInspectTree::new.

A filesystem’s inspect tree can be tested via fs_test by enabling the supports_inspect option. This will validate that the inspect tree hierarchy is consistent and that basic information is reported correctly. See src/storage/fs_test/ for details.


  • Maintains ownership of the various inspect nodes/properties. Will be removed from the root node they were attached to when dropped.
  • Properties
  • fs.usage Properties
  • fs.volume/{name} roperties


  • Trait that Rust filesystems should implement to expose required Inspect data.
  • Trait that Rust filesystems which are multi-volume should implement for each volume.