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Inspect VMO format

This library contains utilities for writing the Inspect VMO format.


Various constants used for Inspect.


Points to an index in the VMO and reads it according to the bytes in it.
Bitfields for writing and reading segments of the header and payload of inspect VMO blocks. Represents the header structure of an inspect VMO Block. Not to confuse with the HEADER block.
Represents the payload of inspect VMO Blocks (except for EXTENT and NAME).


Format in which the array will be read.
The type of a block.
Errors that Inspect API functions can return.
Disposition of a Link value.
Format in which the property will be read.


Trait implemented to compare two inspect containers for equality.
Trait implemented by an Inspect container that can be read from.
Trait implemented by an Inspect container that can be written to.

Type Definitions

A type alias to the concrete type used as the data container in a production environment.