pub trait RngContext {
    type Rng<'a>: RngCore + CryptoRng
       where Self: 'a;

    // Required method
    fn rng(&mut self) -> Self::Rng<'_>;
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A context that provides a random number generator (RNG).

Required Associated Types§


type Rng<'a>: RngCore + CryptoRng where Self: 'a

The random number generator (RNG) provided by this RngContext.

The provided RNG must be cryptographically secure, and users may rely on that property for their correctness and security.

Required Methods§


fn rng(&mut self) -> Self::Rng<'_>

Gets the random number generator (RNG).

Object Safety§

This trait is not object safe.



impl RngContext for netstack3_core::testutil::FakeBindingsCtx


type Rng<'a> = FakeCryptoRng


impl<R> RngContext for FakeCryptoRng<R>
where R: RngCore,


type Rng<'a> = &'a mut FakeCryptoRng<R> where FakeCryptoRng<R>: 'a


impl<TimerId, Event, State, FrameMeta> RngContext for netstack3_core::testutil::context::FakeBindingsCtx<TimerId, Event, State, FrameMeta>
where Event: Debug,


type Rng<'a> = FakeCryptoRng where FakeBindingsCtx<TimerId, Event, State, FrameMeta>: 'a