Function zstd_sys::ZSTD_compress2

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pub unsafe extern "C" fn ZSTD_compress2(
    cctx: *mut ZSTD_CCtx,
    dst: *mut c_void,
    dstCapacity: usize,
    src: *const c_void,
    srcSize: usize
) -> usize
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ZSTD_compress2() : Behave the same as ZSTD_compressCCtx(), but compression parameters are set using the advanced API. ZSTD_compress2() always starts a new frame. Should cctx hold data from a previously unfinished frame, everything about it is forgotten.

  • Compression parameters are pushed into CCtx before starting compression, using ZSTD_CCtx_set*()
  • The function is always blocking, returns when compression is completed. Hint : compression runs faster if dstCapacity >= ZSTD_compressBound(srcSize). @return : compressed size written into dst (<= `dstCapacity), or an error code if it fails (which can be tested using ZSTD_isError()).