pub unsafe extern "C" fn ZSTD_DCtx_loadDictionary(
    dctx: *mut ZSTD_DCtx,
    dict: *const c_void,
    dictSize: usize
) -> usize
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ZSTD_DCtx_loadDictionary() : Requires v1.4.0+ Create an internal DDict from dict buffer, to be used to decompress next frames. The dictionary remains valid for all future frames, until explicitly invalidated. @result : 0, or an error code (which can be tested with ZSTD_isError()). Special : Adding a NULL (or 0-size) dictionary invalidates any previous dictionary, meaning “return to no-dictionary mode”. Note 1 : Loading a dictionary involves building tables, which has a non-negligible impact on CPU usage and latency. It’s recommended to “load once, use many times”, to amortize the cost Note 2 :dict content will be copied internally, so dict can be released after loading. Use ZSTD_DCtx_loadDictionary_byReference() to reference dictionary content instead. Note 3 : Use ZSTD_DCtx_loadDictionary_advanced() to take control of how dictionary content is loaded and interpreted.