pub unsafe extern "C" fn magma_connection_read_performance_counter_completion(
    connection: magma_connection_t,
    pool_id: magma_perf_count_pool_t,
    trigger_id_out: *mut u32,
    buffer_id_out: *mut u64,
    buffer_offset_out: *mut u32,
    time_out: *mut u64,
    result_flags_out: *mut u32
) -> magma_status_t
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\brief Reads one performance counter completion event, if available. \param connection An open connection to a device. \param pool_id An existing pool. \param trigger_id_out The trigger ID for this event. \param buffer_id_out The buffer ID for this event. \param buffer_offset_out The buffer offset for this event. \param time_out The monotonic time this event happened. \param result_flags_out A set of flags giving more information about this event.