pub unsafe extern "C" fn magma_connection_read_notification_channel(
    connection: magma_connection_t,
    buffer: *mut c_void,
    buffer_size: u64,
    buffer_size_out: *mut u64,
    more_data_out: *mut magma_bool_t
) -> magma_status_t
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\brief Reads a notification from the channel into the given buffer. Message sizes may vary depending on the MSD. If the buffer provided is too small for the message, MAGMA_STATUS_INVALID_ARGS will be returned and the size of message will be returned in the buffer_size_out parameter. \param connection An open connection. \param buffer Buffer into which to read notification data. \param buffer_size Size of the given buffer. \param buffer_size_out Returned size of the notification data written to the buffer, or 0 if there are no messages pending. \param more_data_out True if there is more notification data waiting.