pub unsafe extern "C" fn magma_connection_import_semaphore2(
    connection: magma_connection_t,
    semaphore_handle: magma_handle_t,
    flags: u64,
    semaphore_out: *mut magma_semaphore_t,
    id_out: *mut magma_semaphore_id_t
) -> magma_status_t
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\brief Imports and takes ownership of the semaphore referred to by the given handle. Takes ownership of |semaphore_handle| on both success and failure. \param connection An open connection. \param semaphore_handle A valid semaphore handle. \param flags Pass MAGMA_IMPORT_SEMAPHORE_ONESHOT to prevent auto-reset after wait. \param semaphore_out The returned semaphore. \param id_out The id of the semaphore.