pub trait DriverNotify {
    // Required method
    fn notify(&self);
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Informs device that driver needs a notification.

When returning descriptor chains to the queue it may be required, due to the virtio specification, that the driver is supposed to be notified. As descriptor chains can be returned out-of-band during a drop, with no opportunity to report via a return code that a notification is needed, this trait exists instead. Further, since the queue has no understanding of the transport protocol, or how the guest should be notified in general, it must appeal to the higher level device code using the Queue.

Required Methods§


fn notify(&self)

Driver requires a notification.

Indicates the device must notify the driver for correct continuation of the virtio protocol. The notification does not need to happen synchronously during this call, it can be stored and performed at some later point, but the driver may not make progress until it is notified.