Module omaha_client::common

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The omaha_client::common module contains those types that are common to many parts of the library. Many of these don’t belong to a specific sub-module.


  • The App struct holds information about an application to perform an update check for.
  • Options controlling a single update check
  • The fields used to describe the timing of the next update check.
  • Structure used to serialize per app data to be persisted. Be careful when making changes to this struct to keep backward compatibility.
  • Helper struct that provides a nicer format for Debug printing Option by dropping the Some(...) that wraps its value, and instead uses the Display trait implementation of the value.
  • These hold the data maintained request-to-request so that the requirements for backoffs, throttling, proxy use, etc. can all be properly maintained. This is NOT the state machine’s internal state.
  • This describes the data around the scheduling of update checks


  • Omaha has historically supported multiple methods of counting devices. Currently, the only recommended method is the Client Regulated - Date method.