Function fuchsia_trace::flow_step

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pub fn flow_step(
    context: &TraceCategoryContext,
    name: &'static CStr,
    flow_id: Id,
    args: &[Arg<'_>]
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Writes a flow step event with the specified id.

Flow events describe control flow handoffs between threads or across processes. They are typically represented as arrows in a visualizer. Flow arrows are from the end of the duration event which encloses the beginning of the flow to the beginning of the duration event which encloses the next step or the end of the flow. The id serves to correlate flows which share the same category and name across processes.

This event must be enclosed in a duration event which represents where the flow handoff occurs.

0 to 15 arguments can be associated with the event, each of which is used to annotate the flow with additional information. The arguments provided to matching flow begin, flow step, and flow end events are combined together in the trace; it is not necessary to repeat them.