Function fuchsia_trace::async_end

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pub fn async_end(
    id: Id,
    category: &'static CStr,
    name: &'static CStr,
    args: &[Arg<'_>]
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Writes an async end event. This event must be associated with a prior async begin event with the same id, category, and name. This function is intended to be called implicitly when the AsyncScope object created through use of the async_enter! macro is dropped.

Async events describe concurrent work that may or may not migrate threads, or be otherwise interleaved with other work on the same thread. They can be nested to represent a control flow stack.

0 to 15 arguments can be associated with the event, each of which is used to annotate the async event with additional information. Arguments provided in matching async begin and end events are combined together in the trace; it is not necessary to repeat them.