Module bt_rfcomm::frame

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The definitions for RFCOMM frames - the basic unit of data in RFCOMM.



  • The highest-level unit of data that is passed around in RFCOMM.
  • A UIH Frame that contains user data.


  • The C/R bit in RFCOMM. This is used both at the frame level and the multiplexer channel command level. See RFCOMM 5.1.3 and 5.4.6, respectively.
  • The types of frames supported in RFCOMM. See RFCOMM 4.2 for the supported frame types.
  • Errors associated with parsing an RFCOMM Frame.
  • The type of frame provided in the Control field. The P/F bit is set to 0 for all frame types. See table 2, GSM 07.10 Section and RFCOMM 4.2.
  • The data associated with a UIH Frame.