Module xml::namespace

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Contains namespace manipulation types and functions.


  • A wrapper around NamespaceStack which implements Extend using put_checked().
  • Namespace is a map from prefixes to namespace URIs.
  • Namespace stack is a sequence of namespaces.
  • An iterator over mappings from prefixes to URIs in a namespace stack.


  • Designates an empty namespace URI, which is equivalent to absence of namespace.
  • Designates the absence of prefix in a qualified name.
  • Designates prefix for namespace definitions.
  • Designates the standard URI for xmlns prefix.
  • Designates prefix for a namespace containing several special predefined attributes.
  • Designates the standard URI for xml prefix.

Type Aliases§

  • An alias for iterator type for namespace mappings contained in a namespace.
  • A type alias for a pair of (prefix, uri) values returned by namespace iterators.