Module wlan_common::security::wpa

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IEEE Std 802.11-2016 WPA descriptors and credentials.

This module describes WPA security protocols. Its primary API is composed of the WpaDescriptor and WpaAuthenticator types.

WPA is more complex than WEP and several versions and authentication suites are provided. Types in this module fall into two broad categories: specific and general. The general types provide representations of WPA primitives regardless of version and suite, and provide more ergonomic APIs. An example of a general type is Cipher. General types are exposed by specific types, which diverge across versions and suites and have no invalid representations. An example of a specific type is Wpa3Cipher.

Note that SecurityDescriptor and SecurityAuthenticator are always valid specifications of security protocols and authentication. When interacting with WPA, it is typically enough to use functions like WpaAuthenticator::to_credentials and WpaDescriptor::cipher. While the types returned from these functions are general, they are derived from a valid security protocol specification.



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