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Wrapper types and type aliases for tracing parking_lot mutexes.

This module provides type aliases that use the lockapi module to provide tracing variants of the parking_lot primitives. The tracing module contains type aliases that use dependency tracking, while the main parking_lot primitives are reexported as raw.

This main module imports from tracing when debug_assertions are enabled, and from raw when they’re not. Note that primitives for which no tracing wrapper exists are not imported into the main module.


use tracing_mutex::parkinglot::Mutex;
let mutex = Arc::new(Mutex::new(0));

let handles: Vec<_> = (0..10).map(|_| {
   let mutex = Arc::clone(&mutex);
   thread::spawn(move || *mutex.lock() += 1)

handles.into_iter().for_each(|handle| handle.join().unwrap());

// All threads completed so the value should be 10.
assert_eq!(10, *mutex.lock());


The main lock for the global state is still provided by std::sync and the tracing primitives are larger than the parking_lot primitives they wrap, so there can be a performance degradation between using this and using parking_lot directly. If this is of concern to you, try using the DebugX-structs, which provide cycle detection only when debug_assertions are enabled and have no overhead when they’re not.

In addition, the mutex guards returned by the tracing wrappers are !Send, regardless of whether parking_lot is configured to have Send mutex guards. This is a limitation of the current bookkeeping system.